Hutchinson SRL Uses DuPont Zytel RS Grade Nylon for Fuel Lines Production

Hutchinson SRL, a Rivoli, Italy-based supplier of fluid transfer systems, has specified a renewably sourced long-chain nylon grade of DuPont for the manufacturing of fuel lines utilized in both biodiesel and diesel engines.

Fuel lines used with both diesel and biodiesel are produced using renewably-sourced DuPont Zytel RS PA1010 by the fluid transfer system supplier Hutchinson SRL of Rivoli, Italy and debut on all new turbo and multijet diesel engines used on several Fiat vehicles, including the Fiat 500, Panda, Punto, Lancia Delta, Alfa Romeo MiTo and Giulietta.

The PA1010-based, Zytel RS grade was selected over competitive PA12 grades based on its long-term aging performance and high temperature resistance with biodiesel. Hutchinson’s monolayer, extruded fuel line is already being used with multijet and turbo diesel engines for numerous Fiat vehicles such as Giulietta, Alfa Romeo MiTo, Lancia Delta, Punto, Panda and Fiat 500.

In addition to increasing the utilization of renewably sourced polymers for decreasing the consumption of fossil fuels, material suppliers, OEMs and automotive component producers are upgrading fuel and engine systems to operate effectively on the new generation of biofuels such as biodiesel. Components of these systems must resist mechanical stresses, temperature extremes and chemically destructive biofuels throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.

The Zytel RS PA1010, which comprises over 60% of renewably sourced material by weight, demonstrates the properties of typical flexible polyamides and additional advantages, including minimal permeability to gases and fuels, superior chemical resistance and ultrahigh temperature resistance.

The material is ideal for several extrusion applications such as pneumatic tubes, transmission oil cooler hoses, corrugated tubes, hydraulic hoses and fuel lines. The renewable carbon present in PA1010 is derived from sebacic acid, which is a derivative of castor oil. Following the successful utilization of Zytel nylon for the production of its fuel lines, Hutchinson now has plans to extend the application to more automotive producers in Europe and other fuel solutions.


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