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PPG’s Low-E Solar Glass to be Showcased at International Builders Show

PPG Industries will showcase low-emissivity and new passive solar glass samples at the International Builders Show for 2012 in Orlando, which is to be held on Feb. 8-11 of 2012. The company will also display a dual-coat, dual-pane insulating glass unit (IGU) and CLARVISTA shower glass, facilitating the housing windows to attain the R-5 “center-of-glass” insulating performance.


This new low-e, passive solar glass from PPG has been designed in such a way that it can be used for residential purposes during heating-dominated and cold climates. The company will officially launch the product during early 2012.

In addition, the company will exhibit Clarvista glass, which is a shower enclosure and door glass that seems to be newer than the competing products. The Clarvista glass is made of a coating, which seals the surface of the glass. It can resist corrosion due to humidity and heat. This glass has created a very transparent shower glass when joined with STARPHIRE, ultra-clear glass and is suitable for commercial spa, resorts and upscale homes.

PPG will display an IGU, which is manufactured using SOLARBAN 60 glass on the second surface and a 3 mm new low-e, solar glass pane on the fourth surface. R-5 insulating performance has been obtained at the glass’s center through this pattern.

The federal legislation accentuates the U-value of 0.22 or less for these R-5 windows, which is then adopted for building codes in order to advance the energy efficiency of multi-family residential houses and single-family homes.

The dual-coat, dual-pane technology of PPG has helped the window makers to manufacture good insulating products devoid of multi-cavity IGUs that may cause difficulties in the manufacturing methods and add to the window cost for builders, homeowners and remodelers.


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