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Siemens Receives Order to Supply Billet Casting Plant and Secondary Metallurgical Plant

Byelorussian Steelworks has granted a contract to Siemens VAI Metals Technologies to supply secondary metallurgical plants and an additional new continuous billet casting plant.

The secondary metallurgical plants will be provided for the factory located in the south-western region of Gomel and will include two ladle furnaces weighing 100 t, an RH plant with a capacity of 100 t , dust extraction system, transport and weighing systems, water management system and an alloy material management system. At the first level integration of all components of the plant will be ensured through automation and at the second level, optimisation of the process will be ensured at the ladle furnaces and at the RH plant. The new secondary metallurgical plant will have an annual capacity of 1.5 million tonnes of liquid steel.

The six-strand continuous billet casting plant will have a yearly capacity of 1.2 million tonnes and the ability to produce a maximum of 140 mm. The plant can accommodate both open casting and closed casting and also consists of technological packages such as Diamold high speed permanent moulds, DynaFlex mould oscillators, level 2 process optimisation system and LevCon mould level control system. Siemens will also engineer, install, commission and monitor all the plants and will take up training, maintenance and operation of the staff. With the addition of these plants, Byelorussian Steelworks plans to increase its annual production capacity to 1.2 million tonnes. The installation of the plants is expected to be completed by 2013.


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