3M Launches New Liquid Adhesive Remover

3M has launched a new liquid degreaser or cleaner, 3M Adhesive Remover – Renew, made using bio-based, eco-friendly raw materials. This new cleaner is made up of 60% of renewable materials and offers a new option to remove the adhesive effectively.

3M Adhesive Remover – Renew

Citrus, corn and soy-based materials are used to make this new adhesive remover, which can help in dissolving and removing grease, dirt, tar and other non-curing type of adhesives. This new 3M adhesive remover can be to degrease the substrates, before adhesive bonding in several petroleum-based or chlorinated solvents. An aerosol can is used to pack this FDA compliant product that is used for indirect food contact and for easy use.

This new 3M adhesive remover has harmonized the previous product line of 3M’s adhesive removers. This product line has included an FDA compliant 3M adhesive remover, made using citrus materials, and 3M adhesive remover, a solvent based on petroleum with less than 20% of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

3M silicone spray with less than 60% of VOC is specifically designed to avoid squeaks, grease moving and machinery components, prevent freezing and striking and for rust protection. This silicone spray is included in 3M’s maintenance aerosol product line.

Similar to 3M’s adhesive remover with low VOC and 3M’s adhesive remover- renew, this silicone spray offers an eco-friendly option to the users in maintenance aerosols, which can be utilized in beverage and food facilities.

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