Toshiba Selects Himeji as Candidate Site to Mass-Produce SED Panels

Toshiba Corporation has announced that it has selected Himeji Operations, its production facility in Hyogo prefecture, western Japan, as a candidate site for mass production of SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) panels, the next-generation flat panel display being developed by SED Inc., a joint venture established by Toshiba Corporation and Canon Inc.

SED brings the image quality of the traditional cathode-ray tube (CRT) to flat panel displays, delivering bright, high resolution images offering high contrast, high gradation levels, fast responsiveness and low power consumption. Toshiba and Canon, through their joint venture, SED Inc., will start pilot production of the displays in August this year at Canon's Hiratsuka facility in Kanagawa prefecture, and expect to move to full-scale mass production in a new, dedicated facility in January 2007.

Toshiba's Himeji Operations has been identified as a prime candidate for the new production base. In addition to an available site, the plant has proven expertise in manufacturing CRT and mass production of semiconductors, and enjoys excellent domestic and international logistics. Starting this year, a 180-billion yen investment will be directed to building the SED mass-production facility over the next two years. Plans for the construction of a new building and equipment installation will be agreed and implemented by Toshiba, Canon and SED Inc.

Toshiba and Canon have driven development of SED by fusing Canon's proprietary electron-emission and microfabrication technologies with Toshiba's world-class expertise in CRT and mass-production of liquid crystal displays and semiconductors. SED is already attracting widespread attention for taking flat panel TVs to new level of performance, and Toshiba and Canon are determined to build on present progress and momentum to deliver an exciting new viewing experience to consumers around the world.

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