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New Series of Tantalum HVE Facedown MnO2 Technology T428 Capacitors from KEMET

KEMET, a manufacturer of aluminum, ceramic, electrolytic, film, paper and tantalum capacitors, has announced the launch of a new series of tantalum high volumetric efficiency (HVE) facedown MnO2 T428 capacitors.

KEMET T428 Series High Reliability Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Capacitor

The company has added these latest surface mountable devices to its family of high-reliability, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS). These devices improve the potential of ripple current and increase the dissipation of power.

According to Dr. Philip Lessner, the CTO, Vice President and Chief Scientist of KEMET, the capacitance provided by this new package design is high in any molded lead frame product. This new design offers a direct path for heat dissipation via the capacitor when compared to the normal construction. The power ratings per volume offered by the facedown construction are very high, Lessner added.

KEMET’s Product Manager of Specialty Tantalum Capacitors, Ed Jones commented that the company specifically developed this new T428 capacitor series in order to offer a conformally coated capacitor with the volumetric efficiency in a pick-and-place molded package design. The problems relating to the conformally coated tantalum capacitor are possibly eliminated through the planarity of the molded package, according to Ed Jones.

This new capacitor series feature robust design and this product is made suitable for use in the aerospace, computer, defense, telecommunications and lighting or industrial markets, through the testing protocol. The performance characteristics of the product makes it perfect for use in many high reliability applications like switch mode power supplies, filtering and decoupling in radar.


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