Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Offers Dow Corning Dispensable Thermal Pads

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe, the leading distributor of adhesives and specialty chemicals, has just announced availability of Dow Corning’s latest product range – a series of dispensable thermal pads.

Thermal Pads

The new dispensable thermal pads, manufactured by Dow Corning, have been specially designed for the Electronics market, where high performance materials are required. This innovative technology provides a cost-effective thermal management solution that enables manufacturers to quickly and precisely print a layer of thermally conductive silicone compound in controllable thicknesses on complex substrate shapes while ensuring excellent thermal management properties and reduced manufacturing cost.

Furthermore, Dow Corning’s new technology has the potential to reduce material costs by eliminating the waste created by conventional fabricated thermal pads. This new style of thermal pads can improve thermal performance and accelerate manufacturing cycles. The material can be applied using standard dispensing equipment or through screen and stencil print processes. Either way, the new dispensable pad technology easily conforms to complex and unevenly shaped substrates and cures in place to help increase output and afford greater flexibility over deposited layer thickness.

Dow Corning’s new product line encompasses four grades, distinguished by varying levels of thermal conductivity with or without controlled bond line thicknesses. Two grades, Dow Corning TC-4016 and TC-4026 Dispensable Thermal Pads, incorporate glass beads to offer improved control over bond line thickness. Dow Corning® TC-4015 and TC-4016 Dispensable Thermal Pads offer thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/mK, while Dow Corning® TC-4025 and TC-4026 Dispensable Thermal Pads offer higher 2.5 W/mK thermal conductivity.

All items in Dow Corning’s new product line bond well with common electronics substrates such as aluminium and printed circuit boards. By eliminating the fibre glass carrier used for conventional fabricated pads, Dow Corning’s new solution offers lower thermal resistance, excellent compression and consistently reliable, high-quality thermal management over the lifetime of an electronics device.

Ellsworth Adhesives distributes innovative silicone solutions from Dow Corning, and stocks a huge range of products from the Dow Corning product portfolio.

Contact [email protected] to make an enquiry about purchasing new Dow Corning Dispensable Thermal Pads.

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