Leading IC Manufacturer Places Follow-On Order for Aehr Test Systems’ ABTS Systems

Aehr Test Systems, a worldwide supplier of semiconductor test and burn-in equipment, today announced that it has received a $1.7 million follow-on order for its Advanced Burn-in and Test Systems (ABTS) from a leading multi-national manufacturer of advanced logic integrated circuits (ICs) for automotive, embedded processing, digital signal processing and analog applications. The order includes prepayments in order to lock in short lead times and special pricing, and the systems are expected to ship within the next six months.

"We are pleased to receive this follow-on order for additional systems," said Mark Allison, vice president of sales at Aehr Test Systems. "The customer is running at full capacity in their production burn-in and test area and needed to add capacity quickly due to increasing demand for their advanced automotive devices. The ABTS systems, with their individual temperature control capability for high-power devices, are a key part of the customer's quality and reliability program for their expanding line of automotive products."

"Automobiles are making increasing use of infotainment, safety and communications systems," said Carl Buck, vice president of marketing at Aehr Test. "These systems consist of a range of electronic functions from sensing, through conversion and transmission to high-performance processing, requiring the full spectrum of analog and embedded processing ICs. For example, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems employ processors and sensors which enable multiple vision and radar systems for applications such as lane departure warning, rearview and surroundview camera systems, and collision warning and avoidance as well as blind spot detection. The manufacturers of the components of these systems are required to meet the exacting quality and reliability standards of the automotive market. Our systems provide our customers with the ability to screen out devices with latent defects in order to meet those stringent reliability requirements."

The ABTS family of products is based on a new hardware and software platform that is designed to address not only today's devices, but also future devices for many years to come. It can test and burn-in both logic and memory devices, including resources for high pin-count devices and configurations for high-power and low-power applications. ABTS systems can be configured with up to 72 burn-in boards, up to 320 I/O channels, 32M of test vector memory per channel and up to 16 independent device power supplies. The ABTS system is optimized for use with the Sensata iSocket* Thermal Management Technology, which provides a scalable cost-effective solution using individual device temperature control for up to 64 devices per burn-in board and up to 75 watts per device or more. Individual temperature control enables high-power devices with a broad range of power dissipation to be burned-in simultaneously in a single burn-in chamber while maintaining a precise device temperature. The ABTS system also uses N+1 redundancy technology for many key components in the system to maximize system uptime.

*iSocket is a trademark of Sensata Technologies, Inc.

Source: http://www.aehr.com/

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