The Planarmet 300 Grinder Enhances Productivity in Metallography

Buehler's Compact Planar Grinder Saves Time and Maximizes Results

To provide a more rapid and highly accurate sample preparation for metallography, Buehler, an ITW Company developed the PlanarMet 300, a new compact bench-top planar grinder for savings in space, time and expense.

The PlanarMet 300 is built for fast and efficient grinding with high flatness and maximum edge retention.  It uses a fixed 305 mm (12 in) grinding stone in conjunction with a high-performance 5.7hp motor and can accommodate 10 specimens at time. It is easy to use with a self-calibrating auto-dressing system and easy stone change.

The PlanarMet 300 is designed to remove up to 0.6 mm of material per minute – up to ten times faster than grinding with SiC paper. The central-force specimen holder, accommodates up to 10 samples at a time and enables three to four grinding stages to be combined into a single step, whereby the amount of material to be removed can be programmed accurately in increments of 0.1 mm.

For highly accurate material removal, the grinder offers either a timed-cycle or a controlled material depth mode, with adjustable powerhead speed and direction of rotation. Sample deformation is kept to a minimum by an integral cooling water inlet, combined with a unique water manifold, which ensures adequate cooling even under extremely aggressive grinding conditions.

The self-calibrating auto-dressing system with adjustable dressing frequency and depth provides a clean, flat grinding surface for each grinding cycle. Grinding stones (optionally Al2O3 or SiC) can be changed easily within minutes by unscrewing the center bolt, following which the system will auto-calibrate.

The compact PlanarMet 300’s is designed for side-by-side use with EcoMet/AutoMet Grinder Polisher for direct specimen holder integration. It uses the same central force specimen holders as the EcoMet/AutoMet, and allows the user to complete additional preparation steps after planar grinding directly on the polishing system, without transferring to a new holder.

A detailed PlanarMet 300 brochure is available or to obtain a price quote email [email protected] or contact Buehler at 1-800-BUEHLER.


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