Excelitas Expanding Focus to Provide Advanced Illumination for OEM Applications

New X-Cite Configurable Illumination Platforms Streamline OEM Path to Market for Biomedical Instrumentation

Excelitas Technologies® Corp., a global technology leader focused on delivering innovative, customized photonic solutions, is expanding development of its popular X-Cite® illuminators for streamlined OEM integration in biomedical applications. The new X-Cite Vitae™ product family will help OEMs quickly develop more advanced products for improved analysis, surgical imaging and diagnostics capabilities.

Advancing technologies in biomedical instrumentation are driving increased demand for new components to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Many of these new technologies require extremely precise, custom lighting solutions to illuminate or excite targeted areas and enable the quickest and most accurate diagnostics possible.

Oliver Scheuss, VP, Solid State Lighting and UV/Microscopy.

Growing use of surgical visualization, the demand for better real-time point-of-care diagnostics, and system-wide healthcare cost controls all increase the necessity for more advanced and accurate instrumentation and illumination. As healthcare moves into more outpatient and home care settings, medical device developers are striving to miniaturize their products with smaller form factors – a goal that is enabled, in part, by efficiently combining and delivering light to the sample of interest.

The X-Cite product family (originally developed by Lumen Dynamics, now an Excelitas Technologies Company) gained popularity as an illuminator for fluorescence microscopy in life science research applications.

Excelitas has long-standing, highest quality standards ideally suited to meet demanding medical application requirements. Our agile engineering organization and rapid customization capabilities are perfectly suited to address the needs of these highly competitive, biomedical OEMs. Leveraging our experience in developing robust and well established standard scientific illumination products to expand the X-Cite line for integration into biomedical OEM systems is a natural extension of what we do best.


Excelitas is already delivering its first X-Cite Vitae illumination solutions for OEM customers and their demanding applications. Their LED lighting solutions will be used to enable not only fluorescence microscopy and surgical endoscopy, but also image guided surgery, microfluidic analysis, blood analysis and DNA sequencing.

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