American Brewer Coors to Use Recycled Plastic Pallets

Greystone Logistics Inc. announced today the company received multiple purchase orders from Coors Brewing Company to provide plastic pallets made from 100% recycled material. Coors is transitioning to this new platform to transport many of their products throughout the United States.

"Plastic pallets are environmentally friendly, and recyclable, which prevents plastic waste from ending up in a landfill," said Warren Kruger, CEO of Greystone. "The pallets provide a high quality hygienic platform for products, standardization in increasingly automated facilities, and are cost effective for users."

Billions of pounds of plastic are dumped annually into landfills in the United States. Greystone is able to use a broad spectrum of plastics in their proprietary formula including bumpers, car parts, trays, crates, buckets, drums and plastic part scrap.

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