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Concentration Detectors Added to GPC/SEC Systems to become Triple Detectors

The Model 270 Dual Detector from Viscotek has been designed to simply add to any existing GPC/SEC system equipped with a concentration detector, instantly converting it into a powerful triple detector system.

The Model 270 Dual Detector is the perfect entry-level system for laboratories looking to make detailed characterisation of biomolecules including polysaccharides, DNA, antibodies, proteins and protein conjugates.

The Model 270 Dual Detector features a proven four-capillary differential viscometer and revolutionary Low Angle Light Scattering (LALS) detector that operate at ambient temperature. The viscometer measures intrinsic viscosity and can be used to determine molecular size (Rh to less than 1nm) and density. The viscometer can also be used to provide additional valuable information on structure, conformation, aggregation and branching. Unlike multi-angle light scattering techniques that can only determine molecular weight by extrapolation, the Model 270 LALS detector measures molecular weight directly and thus is inherently more accurate.

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