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Nanofabrication Podcasts

Nanofabrication Podcasts

BLUGLASS – New Technology for Manufacturing LEDs

Using MOCVD to manufacture LEDs requires expensive sapphire substrates, whereas the BluGlass RPCVD process utilizes cheaper glass substrates. This combines with other lower cost input materials results in a cost saving of around 50%.

PHYSIK INSTRUMENTE, Scott Jordan, Director of Nanoautomation Technologies

"At the MRS Meeting, Physik Instrumente are introducing a family of piezo-based mechanisms which in stead of using a stack-like actuation, use an assembly of piezo driving elements that allow a workpiece to be driven hundreds of millimeters and still enjoy the resolution and repeatability that conventional piezo nanopositioners provide."

DYESOL - Hans Desilvestro and Damien Milliken

The performance of dye solar cells is expected to surpass that of silicon solar cells within the next five years and the technology boasts several other advantages that will endear it to commercialisation.

STREM CHEMICALS - Technology Diffusion for Commercialization of R+D Ideas

While Strem are a chemicals company they are constantly developing technologies of their own. In addition to this they are in close contact with academic and industrial researchers and coming across new technologies and processes all the time. As such Strem offer the ideal vehicle for linking up those with new technologies, with those in need of it so that new products can reach commercialization as quickly as possible.