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Markets for Silver Nanomaterials as Transparent Conductors

Markets for Silver Nanomaterials as Transparent Conductors


The touch-screen market has grown significantly, focusing on alternative materials that may handicap ITO’s dominance as a transparent conductor. The hype was all about carbon nanotubes a few years ago, however it appears that silver nanomaterials are more likely to gain market share. The present state of the market for transparent conductors is studied in this report and these conductors are made of silver nanoparticles and nanowires.

This report draws from research gathered from NanoMarkets ongoing industry research program in the area of transparent conductors and also based on the most recent developments in the sector showing the current prospects are for silver nanomaterials in the transparent conductor sector.

Markets for Silver Nanomaterials

The report enumerates the strategies and capabilities of the leading silver nanomaterial-based transparent conductor suppliers and also discusses commercially interesting developments at other firms. Furthermore the report comprises an eight-year forecast of the silver nanomaterial market as a part of the larger transparent conductor market and also forecasts the market in all the key applications where silver nanowires have potential to gain traction.


Touch screens are a very important application and it is the most likely area in which silver materials may succeed. The report also covers other applications such as OLED, LCD displays, OLED lighting and PV panels. This report according to NanoMarkets will offer the reader deep strategic insight into new developments and market forecasts for this essential sector of the transparent conductor market.

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