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Semiconductors conduct electricity in manner between that of insulators and conductors like metals. They are used in the manufacture of all types of electronic devices.

Market Reports

Overview on Radiation Detection Equipment by NanoMarkets

There will be a growing dependence of the 21st century civilization on effectively harnessing and developing the technologies offered by ionizing radiation.

Markets for Silver Nanomaterials as Transparent Conductors

The touch-screen market has grown significantly, focusing on alternative materials that may handicap ITO’s dominance as a transparent conductor. The hype was all about carbon nanotubes a few years ago, however it appears that silver nanomaterials are more likely to gain market share.

Markets for Metal Meshes as Transparent Conductors-2014

The report studies new developments in metal meshes making it a serious contender as a transparent conductor. Previously metal-based transparent conductors would be lumped together in a single category, however it now differentiates between metal meshes in which the metal is patterned in a regular way and nanowire structures, in which much smaller metal structures form a random network.