Retread Tyres - General Information

Facts and Figures

•        Approximately 26.2 million retreaded tyres were sold in North America in 2000, with sales totalling more than $2 billion

•        Of these over 6.3 million were retreaded light truck tyres

        Over 18.2 million were retreaded medium and heavy duty truck tyres

        Over 750,000 were other retreaded tyres (aircraft, off-road vehicles, industrial/lift trucks, motorcycles, farm equipment, specialty, etc.)

        Passenger cars accounted for over 1.5 million retreaded tyres

        Approximately 575 million pounds of tread rubber was used by the North American retread tyre industry in 2000

        In 2000 the total replacement medium truck tyre market in North America was approximately 33.8 million tyres. 18.1 + million were retreads and 15.6 + million were new tyres

        There are approximately 1200 retreading plants in North America, a large percentage of which are owned/operated by independent small business whose collective investment is over one billion dollars. The remaining plants are owned/operated by new tyre manufacturers and a major tread rubber supplier

        All retreaded tyres in the U.S. are identified on the sidewalls as to manufacturer and date of production


        Nearly 100 percent of the world’s airlines use retreaded tyres

        80% of the tyres used by the commercial aviation industry are retreaded tyres

        Nearly 100% of off-the-road, heavy duty vehicles use retreaded tyres

        School buses and municipal vehicles use retreaded tyres

        Federal and military vehicles, including those operated by the U. S. Postal Service, use retreaded passenger, truck and aircraft tyres

        Trucking fleets and overnight delivery vehicles use retreaded tyres

        Taxi fleets, race cars and industrial vehicles use retreaded tyres

        Fire trucks and other emergency vehicles use retreaded tyres

        Farm tractors and other agricultural equipment use retreaded tyres

        Millions of passenger car owners use retreaded tyres

Safety Features

        Retreaded tyres can be driven at the same legal speeds as comparable new tyres with no loss in safety, performance, or comfort

        Retreaded truck tyres are manufactured according to rigorous industry recommended practices

        Commercial aircraft retreads are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration

        Military aircraft retreads are approved by the various military services

        Retreaded passenger car tyres are manufactured according to Federal Safety Standards developed by the U.S. Department of Transportation

Economic Benefits

        Retreaded tyres give the same mileage as comparable new tyres, at a lower cost-per-mile

        The cost of a retreaded tyre will generally be from 30% to 50 % less than the cost of a new tyre. This translates to billions of dollars in savings for consumers and trucking fleets every year

        Steel belted radials are routinely retreaded and are available with all types of tread patterns, including all-season and mud and snow tread patterns

        Retreading greatly reduces solid waste disposal problems. Every tyre retreaded is a tyre saved from the landfill. Retreading is truly recycling!

        Energy savings. Retreading conserves hundreds of millions of gallons of oil every year

        Approximately 70% of the cost of a new tyre is in the tyre body. With proper maintenance, retreading permits the continued use of your important investment. Truck tyres can often be retreaded several times

        Retreaded tyres generally carry a warranty comparable to that of a new tyre

Source: Tire Retread Information Bureau

For more information on this source please visit Tire Retread Information Bureau

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