Different Types of Environmental Monitoring

Delegate Your Environmental Monitoring to Hanwell

Millions of pounds worth of priceless, irreplaceable historic structures and artifacts exist in the Heritage industry. In order to preserve these items, it is essential to carefully control the conditions under which they are displayed, stored, transported, and kept. Reliable and accurate monitoring is essential for this requirement.

The Hanwell brand from the IMC Group is well-established as it is known for being the most flexible, durable, and reliable system within the Heritage industry. These systems are being designed to provide conservators with a complete solution to existing environmental monitoring and control requirements, and they also have the ability to expand based on changes in exhibition requirements and the growing needs, providing a unique future proof solution to monitoring.

Why Choose Hanwell?

Established within the Heritage industry for over 25 years, Hanwell’s commitment to conservation is highlighted by the breath and flexibility of its monitoring capabilities.

Advantages of Choosing Hanwell

  • Customized monitoring solutions
  • Long-life and user changeable battery
  • British made
  • Unrivaled radio technology for all building types
  • Comprehensive software reporting and analysis tools
  • Future-proof system with flexible software and hardware options
  • Complete closed loop environmental monitoring and control system solutions
  • Discreet design to be positioned within show cabinets
  • Reliable, durable, and accurate hardware for long-term monitoring solutions
  • Hanwell offers a range of monitoring solutions from single applications to multiple applications within multiple sites
  • Variety of product parameter options including energy, wood, light, insect pest, humidity and many more

Unbeatable Radio Range

Radio range is fundamental in order to get a long-term reliable system working in buildings that are often very complicated. Compared to the typical competitive systems that have wireless ranges of around 100 m, the Hanwell line of sight wireless range reaches up to 3,500 m. This allows Hanwell radio data transmission to be completely independent from IT based Wi-Fi and typically only requires a few repeaters to be installed.

Affordable Systems that are Made to Measure

All buildings, budgets, and resources are different despite monitoring principles being similar, and because of this the Hanwell systems have been custom designed to meet a wide range of requirements with varying product capabilities.

Small to Medium System Solutions with Indicators and Data Loggers

Conservators that need standalone solutions for isolated areas can use data loggers. Immediate indication of an object’s current environment is displayed by the LCD with additional data storage for effortless download to a local PC via a USB cable

Medium to Large System Solutions with Radio and GPRS Transmitters

The Hanwell radio technology provides conservators with a durable and reliable system that has the potential to cover an unrivaled range of  more than 3 km over open ground. GPRS transmitters ensure that even hard-to-reach areas are monitored as they are speficially designed for remote locations.

The system’s wireless format allows it to be installed in an effortless and cost-effective manner. Data from up to 253 transmitters can be received by each base station, which provides an optimum solution to comprehensive monitoring. Unlimited base stations are available in each system.

Radio and GPRS data and alerts are transmitted to a local network or PC for immediate action or analysis. Other Hanwell radio monitored sites are capable of feeding data into an organization’s network for multi-site monitoring solutions.

Creating Synergy Between You and Your Environments

Whatever You Need

  • Display quick overviews of sensor groups and/or sites specified by individual users
  • Multi or single user access for large, medium, or small monitoring requirements
  • Access interactive graphs, plan views, and tables for thorough data analysis
  • Data collection and display of more environmental parameters than any other product on the market
  • Share data with users and allocate permissions to different data groups where required

Whenever You Need It

  • View real-time data 24/7
  • Generate automated reports or access reports easily and immediately
  • Immediate system, SMS, and email alarm notification for defined personnel

Wherever You Are

  • View and interact with settings and data from anywhere in the world using commercially available browsers e.g. Chrome, IE, Firefox
  • Access critical information on the local PC, via the internet and via company intranet or network

Multiple Solutions for Conservation

The Hanwell range covers a wide range of measurement options including:

  • Insect pest control
  • UV and Lux
  • Leak and flood
  • Utility
  • Temperature and relative humidity
  • Wood and many more

Humidity Monitoring for Artifacts

The ML4114, ML4109, ML4106, and RFBug (data loggers and radio transmitter options available) are suitable for humidity measurement to prevent damage to organic materials, such as sculptures, paintings etc

Lux and UV Monitoring

The ML4000 Lux/UV range (data loggers and radio transmitters options available) monitor light to help to preserve sensitive materials such as wooden objects, oil paintings, fabrics, drawings, and print.

Air Flow Monitoring

Airflow for dust and direct accumulation analysis is monitored by the 4000 series of wind speed and direction transmitters. This can bring down the maintenance costs, reduce damage to artifacts from over cleaning, and enable users to introduce optimized maintenance plans.

Humidity Monitoring in Transit

The small discreet HumBug temperature and humidity data logger enables monitoring traveling exhibitions on loan. It is suitable for use when radio or wired systems are unavailable.

The iSense GPRS can be used to transmit information to a central database whenever real-time data of a travelling exhibition is required.

Flood and Leak Monitoring

The FloodWatch and GutterWatch can be used in combination with each other to detect any leaks before they occur and prevent potential gutter overflow, preventing damage to the building’s internal contents and structure.

Insect Pest Control

The AnoxiBug oxygen sensor (data logger, indicator and radio transmitter options available) is an atmospheric control method used to eliminate insect pests from organic materials. This solution prevents the need for harmful chemical treatments and is efficient and cost-effective.

Utility Monitoring

It is possible to effortlessly add the utility monitoring range to any Hanwell system, and is designed to measure and record utility usage over time to help reduce energy waste. Statistical analysis of kilowatts/hours, cubic meters of gas and liters of water consumed is allowed by the system. It is also possible to deploy utility sensors across a site with minimal disruption.

Complete Closed Loop Monitoring and Control

Hanwell wireless systems are capable of performing tasks beyond just monitoring because of their unique ability to incorporate control functionality into the system. Hanwell stands out from other wireless monitoring system providers because of its ability to monitor and control environments.

Based on customers’ requirements, the company’s closed loop monitoring and control solutions can be achieved a number of ways. One simple way is to use the Hanwell MS1000 relay of analog cards to interface directly to a BMS system. To interface small number of sensor readings to a BMS system, the MS1000 system can be used, whereas for larger systems with many sensor points the following options are available:

  • Modbus TCP service
  • OPC server (software to software communication)
  • Local radio receiver with Modbus RTU output

In addition to the MS1000 control systems, The IMC Group also has a variety of humidifiers and dehumidifiers, including a combined humidifier and dehumidifier (CCR30). To obtain automatic control, the CCR30 can be used in combination with Hanwell radio transmitters. Precise environmental control can be provided using Hanwell humidistats with third-party equipment.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hanwell.

For more information on this source, please visit Hanwell Solutions Ltd.


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