Materials for Battery Applications: Redox Shuttles & Electrolyte Solvents

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Redox Shuttles
Electrolyte Solvents

Redox Shuttles

  • Increases oxidation potential and long-term stability of batteries
  • Highly-soluble in conventional non-aqueous, carbonate-based electrolytes
  • Maintains the safe operation of lithium-ion batteries
  • Provides a long-term intrinsic overcharge protection of lithium-ion batteries

Electrolyte Solvents

  • Improves kinetics and conductivity of lithium salts
  • Less flammable then conventional organic carbonate-based solvents and maintain the safe operation of batteries
  • Increases long-term stability of batteries
  • Silicon–based electrolytes with polyethylene glycol oligomers enhance electrochemical and thermal stability of lithium-ion batteries

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