Temperature and Energy Wireless System for Animal Conditions

Hanwell Solutions, a monitoring specialist was call upon for a energy and temperature monitoring initiative. A new animal enclosure monitoring initiative has been launched by one of the most environmentally-friendly zoos in the UK.

Temperature and Energy Wireless System

As part of this initiative, a temperature and energy wireless system is being used to make sure that animals are kept in the best possible conditions without affecting energy efficiency. One of the UK’s oldest zoos, Paignton Zoo in Devon is one of the most forward-thinking facilities when it comes to sustainability. It has held the environmental standard ISO 14001 for more than 9 years.

In addition to winning several awards for its environmentally-friendly approach to conservation, the Zoo is undertaking a project that will be useful to all members of the British & Irish Association of Zoos & Aquariums (BIAZA), the body which encourages best practice in top aquariums and zoos across the country.

Home to around 2,000 animals representing 300 species, a registered educational and scientific charity and a renowned breeding center, the zoo attracts about half a million visitors annually. Presently celebrating its 90th anniversary, the Managers at the Zoo are now undertaking a unique thermal regulation study.

Hanwell Energy Monitoring System

For comprehensive animal enclosure monitoring, Hanwell Solutions was invited to introduce its Hanwell energy monitoring system, employing wireless technology to collect and transmit energy consumption data from 12 enclosures spread across the Zoo’s 80-acre site.

The robust Hanwell system uses the extensive range offered by radio communication rather than risking the ongoing expense of SMS and mobile alternatives.

The Hanwell system meets the criteria required by Paignton Zoo to gather data on energy consumption. It will allow informed decisions to be made which should help make animal enclosures even more energy efficient by reducing energy consumption and helping reduce our costs. The Hanwell system can also measure temperature and humidity, helping to improve our understanding of the conditions in and cost of each animal enclosure.

Peter Morgan, Environmental Officer, Paignton Zoo

In order to draw more from off-peak electricity, the timing of energy usage within the amphibian enclosures has already been adjusted. As the system has only recently been installed, staff at Paignton Zoo is anticipating a complete year of data so as to evaluate the analysis across all seasons.

The ability to adapt and expand in order to meet the changing needs of animal enclosure monitoring is one of the main advantages of the Hanwell system. Regarding the addition of humidity sensors, as well as additional temperature sensors, discussions are already ongoing to create a complete environmental monitoring solution. In the future, load balancing functions may be incorporated into the energy system to allow for more efficiency savings.


Newquay Zoo (which is also owned and operated by the Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust) has purchased a system, since the equipment was deployed at Paignton Zoo.

The introduction of animal enclosure monitoring technology to Paignton Zoo has been a fantastic project to work on, with many technical challenges to overcome. But we now have a solution up and running that is providing the zoo’s management team with valuable data and will continue to do so over the coming months. This latest project – and its expansion in the future – further demonstrates the versatility of our world-leading monitoring technology and the many different environments in which it is deployed.

Ian Robinson, Managing Director, Hanwell Solutions

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