Measuring Temperatures in Difficult Climates and Conditions

Malaysia is famous for its tropical rainforest climate. The country’s salad production can only take place within the mountains because of the high relative humidity being around 80% and warm temperatures ranging from 22 °C to 35 °C. Genting Gardens, a Salad Grower and Distributor, is located in the Genting Highland that is just a 45 minute-drive from Kuala Lumpur and is approximately 4000 feet above sea level. A more consistent climate for salad production is provided by Genting Gardens’ location as the air is cooler in the mountains and therefore, the salad is not affected from the potential damage caused by heat.

The Problem

It is important to monitor temperatures in these conditions, but when it comes to distribution the situation becomes even more difficult. Fresh salad produce from Genting Gardens has to be transported far and wide to shops and high-end restaurants by road. However, at times, when trucks or vehicles are gone from base for a number of days, they are subject to various potentially damaging conditions. Losing the load to temperature fluctuations was a very real problem.

The Solution

Genting Garden approached Hanwell Solutions through its Malaysian Distributor, Cynotex, for its expertise in temperature monitoring solutions to help with this difficult challenge.

Multi-purpose trucks are used by Genting Garden as they have the flexibility to deliver an extensive range of produce without returning to base. The inside of the trucks are set to a temperature of about 4 °C. To begin with, a Hanwell iSense was installed on a trial one truck for temperature monitoring. As an innovative self-contained unit, the iSense GPRS transmitter allows remote monitoring of different parameters through wireless GPRS technology and hence, it is ideal for trucks that often travel through remote locations.

In addition, the RL1001 temperature transmitters were also trailed in production areas and cold rooms (incoming raw materials, processing, ready-to-eat meal and finished products). Alarms were set up to wirelessly relay temperature fluctuations to the driver and back to base, so that immediate action can be taken, if required.

Hanwell iSense Unit

Extra Hanwell iSense units were fitted in all trucks after a successful trial to monitor the condition and temperature of the trucks throughout the deliveries to customers. Along with the RL1001 data, the Hanwell iSense unit transmits data to the same Synergy software which offers real-time monitoring data and also provides Genting Garden a complete visibility of its operation through the entire journey profile information.

In the event of equipment breakdown, the system also provides compliance alarms and data. This has already saved the company a significant amount of money and will eventually help in reducing the amount of produce lost from temperature damage.


The use of radio sensors, Hanwell iSense and Synergy software in Genting Garden’s operations shows the company’s commitment towards handling, storage and delivery of its products, reinforcing its quality and assurance to its valuable customers.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Hanwell Solutions Ltd.

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