Automotive Testing with Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire

Generally, temperature measurements are taken at multiple positions for automotive testing. But, the structure and accuracy of the thermometer can be affected when thick wires are attached to thermocouples. One solution for this is to use an extra-fine thermocouple wire with the same economics, accuracy and reliability as that of a standard wire. Originally developed for a famous German Auto-maker, Omega Engineering delivers a suitable solution, to meet these requirements.

Sensor Interference with Measurement Targets

There are a number of ways in which thermocouple wiring interferes with temperature measurements.

The target might get disturbed, when the measurement target is small.

For instance, consider a small object of just a few millimeters that has to be measured at 200 °C. When a contact sensor is used at ambient temperature, a considerable amount of the heat in the object will get transferred to the temperature sensor. As a result, the temperature of the object will then decrease, leading to inaccurate results.

In other applications, holes have to be drilled in the structure in order to introduce temperature sensors. Dozens or even hundreds of sensors might be required if a temperature profile has to be built.

Thermocouple measurements in and around a plastic bumper can be considered as an apt example. Here, the integrity of the structure can be affected fast by a thicker-diameter wire.

Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire

Omega Engineering has specifically designed 5SRTC-TT-T and 5SRTC-TT-K fine diameter thermocouple wire to overcome these challenges. For applications that employ hundreds of thermocouples, the pricing is economical enough.

This thin and extremely accurate shielded Type K thermocouple wire, with a diameter of just 2.4 mm, promises consistent and reliable temperature measurements. The effect on small targets, or those that require drilling, is reduced.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by OMEGA Engineering Ltd.

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