Tradeshow Talks with Axcend

Tradeshow Talks with AxcendBooth 1802

Can you tell us about why you're here today at Pittcon?

We are here at Pittcon to introduce our new instrument the Focus LC. Of course, Pittcon being one of the leading analytical conferences was a natural place to do that.

By being here we can meet all leaders in the field and people from different companies. From users to higher ups who will benefit from the equipment.

Tell us about the product that you've brought to exhibit at Pittcon?

The Axcend Focus LC is the first truly portable liquid chromatograph on the market. It weighs about 15 pounds and is 20 x 20 x 30 centimeters.

The Axcend Focus LC  is everything that a bigger LC could do. Yet one of the big advantages is that the Nano LC uses very little solvent and we generate very little waste.

It's much more environmentally friendly than the larger instruments.

What industries and applications will benefit from your product?

Anybody who uses LC will gain a benefit from it. It is portable, meaning for the first time anyone can go out and do analysis in the field.

Rather than collecting a sample, bringing it back to the lab, trying to keep track of it, trying to keep it safe, and then hoping of course that it doesn't change, you could just do the analysis out there in the field.  

We found that it is incredibly useful, even if you don't take it in the field, just to be able to move it around in the lab, from one bench to the other, from one room to the other, without having to worry about it.

We are at Booth 1802 today at Pittcon, make sure you drop  to learn more.


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