Gaining High Resolution Images of Large Samples with Tescan S8000 Microscope

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Macroscopic Analysis with TESCAN S8000 Microscope


A highly appreciated feature in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is the wide field of view. This makes it possible to provide images of large objects with excellent topographical and material contrast and high resolution, and also enables sample navigation. This is because in tandem with dedicated software, high resolution images can be connected to wide field view images in a matter of one single click. With this feature, sample navigation is made easier and analysis is also made relatively faster and efficient.

Macroscopic Analysis with TESCAN S8000 Microscope

The new TESCAN S8000 microscope has not sacrificed the macroscopic analysis. The TESCAN S8000 features the BrightBeam™ SEM column technology. The electron optics is based on a combination of electrostatic-magnetic objective lens and the established TESCAN Wide Field Optics™. The Wide Field Optics™ features an intermediate lens (IML) that enables the TESCAN S8000 to create undistorted large field of view images (Wide Field and Overview modes) that can be as large as up to tens of millimeters. The IML also allows the Depth mode in which the beam is optimized for increased depth of focus. In order to image samples with high topography, large depth of focus is required. These modes make the TESCAN S8000 microscope an appropriate instrument for imaging large samples with excellent resolution, depth of focus, and contrast.

Mechanism of a Swiss watch

Figure 1. Sample: mechanism of a Swiss watch. Images acquired in the Depth mode with the E-T (top left) and BSE (bottom left) detectors. Image acquired in the Wide Field mode with the BSE detector.


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