Tradeshow Talks with Stratasys - NPE 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Stratasys

Please tell me a little bit about your company and why you're at NPE?

The company is Stratasys, and we are an additive manufacturing, or a solutions company heavily focused in additives, so our products include our actual printers and the materials. At this time we have exclusively plastic printers, although we did announce metal printers that are in development.

We also have paid part services, so, a service bureau that can provide parts in several different technologies out of plastic, as well as metal. As well as consultant tip services, and the software’s to both run and manage your print queues.

What products are you highlighting today?

The products we are highlighting include our nylon 12 carbon fiber material that is currently available on our Fortus 450mc, but it was also announced that it's coming to our Fortus 900 platform later this year, as well as our Antero 800na material, which is a peck base material for some of those aerospace requirements, in terms of low outgassing as well as high thermal mechanical performance.

What sets you aside from any competition in your space?

We have 30 years of experience in the additive space, and I think we have two very distinct technologies in our FTM, as well as our Polyjet, to kind of round out performance at every stage of product development, from early on in prototyping all the way through to actual production parts.

As well as a service bureau to kind of help meet people's needs anywhere along the way in that journey, as well.


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