Tradeshow Talks with Esprix - NPE 2018

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Please tell us about your company and why you are here today.

Esprix Technologies is a performance products company. We are an authorized distributor of an aliphatic polyketone resin, called Ketoprix.

That resin is taken and compounded with different types of additives, depending on what type of functionality we want. We use those compounds for a number of things, from industrial, oil and gas, automotive, medical and consumer products.

We are working in a niche market. We focus just on aliphatic polyketone and our Ketoprix brand - we do not sell or market other polymers.

The aliphatic polyketone has excellent barrier resistance, very good chemical resistance, toughness, and strength. It also has hydrolytic stability, so moisture does not significantly cause it to change its properties. Our material is a lot more constant as a function of the string.

What we are primarily trying to do is find niches in the engineering plastics world, where this material has utility and value, and develop its applications.

What products or services are you highlighting?

We are highlighting everything we are doing in the many different industries. We are working in fuel cells development and automotive; mainly focusing on fuel systems where we are producing the material that offers the barrier properties for gasoline, unleaded, diesel, ethanol-based and E10-type fuels.

We have consumer products, and we particularly do a lot in the gear area. The resin has natural duplicity, very good tribology, and excellent surface properties, so it makes excellent gear material. It then ends up in a lot of consumer appliances, such as laser printers and inkjet printers.

We do a lot in automotive structures, where we bring in glass fiber, carbon fiber or other types of reinforcement and then try to add thermal and electrical conductivity. We have to try and mimic metals, to provide a lightweight solution to the automobile industry.

Oil and gas is another significant area because of the chemical resistance, oil fuel chemical resistance and permeation resistance -  we are using it as a lighter in multi-layer pipes.

Tomorrow we are going to be talking about a new tie layer that we have developed to bond our polyketone and polyothethol so you can essentially make a three-layer pipe system. Polyketone on the inside would be your good fuel resistance, oil-filled chemical resistant material, and then polyoletol, whether it be polyethylene or polypropylene on the outside for scuff and abrasion resistance, things like that.


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