Tradeshow Talks with Rolf Kind GmbH - ACHEMA 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Rolf Kind GmbHHall 11.0 E52

Tell us a little bit about the company and why you are attending ACHEMA 2018?

The company name is Rolf Kind GmbH and we are located close to Cologne in Germany. We specialize in open dye forging of nickel base alloys, titanium, and stainless steels, but only high alloy stainless steels. No carbon or alloy steel grades.

We have attended ACHEMA every year since 2009 as it's a good place to meet all of our customers.

What are you showcasing this year?

We have two exhibits here. They are a forged architecture shaft, and a shaft bearing, which are only a small part of our capabilities.

We specialize in large items, but you cannot bring the really large forgings here because there is no capacity in the Frankfurt exhibition center to handle these things. We are not showcasing any product in particular, because we do not necessarily sell products - we provide tailor made single piece production solutions.

What do you think really makes you unique in the market?

We are very flexible and there are not many people who are willing to do the things that we do. We handle very expensive materials.

The solutions we are trying to supply to our customers are always high risk. For example, if an agitation shaft is failing during production, it costs a lot of money if you have to re-do it. There are not many companies on the market who are willing to take that risk.


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