Tradeshow Talks with Georg Fisher: ACHEMA 2018

Tradeshow Talks with Georg FisherHall 8.0, Booth E64

Please tell us a bit about the company and why you’re here at ACHEMA this week.

Georg Fisher Piping Systems is a Swiss company based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. It’s over 215 years old, and it's a world leader in plastic piping systems.

We work in about 33 markets segments, which range around everything you can imagine - marine, chemical, building technologies, microelectronic facilities.

Obviously, we are here to speak to our existing clients and present the new solutions we have here.

Is there a particular product that you are showcasing today?

As you can see, having the complete systems approach in our perception is beneficial - the single product is not the only thing your customer uses, they always need the full system anyway.

What we do, therefore, is we really go through the whole system - we feel that improvement's only possible if you go through the whole system. So just replacing one part for next time doesn't change a lot.

So our products and services are the whole package.

What makes you unique in the marketplace?

Several points. One is certainly that we have a whole portfolio of products. We have over 60,000 products, but the portfolio is to really used to assemble what you need, in order to be as specific as possible.

Secondly, the company has physical locations in 35 countries and product facilities in 51 different places, so we can be very close with the customer. It's important when you want to have a conversation about an engineering problem or a quality/installation check and you don't want to just go on the website. You might want to have somebody come into your construction site or into your office.

Finally, of course that fact that we’ve been running over 200 years, which gives us a large amount of experience. We've seen the model of industries.

Are you trying to aim for certain application areas or can your products be used across many of them?

Since we work almost exclusively in plastic, it fits very well for people who work with a corrosive substance as acid those are customer meet cases, which are obviously very fitting. But obviously, this is just one example. yeah. Water applications are similar.

Generally, we’re really happy to work across a broad range of applications, with clients who want the face-to-face service.

What would you like to get out of the conference?

Obviously, we’re presenting the potential of change in metal to plastic, which is certainly a major topic here. If there are people who are running plants, but are debating using plastic instead of metal, what does it mean in regards of maintenance needs, corrosion issues? We’re trying to help them answer that.

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