Tradeshow Talks with ChargePoint: ACHEMA 2018

Tradeshow Talks with ChargePoint TechnologyHall 3.0, Booth D14

Please tell us a bit about the company and why you are here at ACHEMA this week.

ChargePoint is a company focused and dedicated to containment, whether that be for high potency or sterile manufacturing. We are also dedicated to helping customers handle powder ingredients and materials through the production line safely or cleanly, whichever is their main concern.

We're here at ACHEMA to show some new solutions, to meet existing customers and to meet potential new clients.

We have a group system in the market where we're working globally. So, ACHEMA is a really great place where we can meet customers, not just from the Central European region, but from all over the world. It's a good meeting place.

Our existing customers are also important here too. You can get some good hands-on experience with the products. We've got some nice working, functioning examples where customers can really get a feel for how they work.

Is there a particular product or range that you are showcasing?

We have quite a wide range here. But in particular, we've got one new technology that’s been launched in the past two years. We call this "Verifi." It’s a remote monitoring technology - a bit of electronics we’ve put and attached to our existing products. What this does, is it gives customers a tool for receiving data on the usage of the product, with a view to then using that information to help them with preventative maintenance.

This device also has Wi-Fi connectivity, so they don’t just have to use the data locally on the device, but also can send that up to a database where the information can be audited and processed. They can see the history and status of more than one of the particular devices as well. This fits into the theme of industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. It’s all about sensing and getting more data from your production line and being able to use that data to help you improve and become more productive.

For us, there's a particular focus on risk control and making sure our customers can really look after their equipment, getting the most out of it with the job it does - protecting their staff operators and making sure the quality of the product is as it should be. It's pretty important.

What makes your company and products unique in the marketplace?

I think it's our approach as a company. We're a relatively young company - we've only been around for ten years.

What makes us unique is primarily the way we approach the production of the equipment. We’re trying to take control of as much of the manufacturing of that equipment ourselves as possible. That's all about, naturally, the control of quality. But also, affects a lot of commercial aspects as well – delivery and cost control, etc. But, ultimately quality is the primary concern.

We’re committed manufacturers and create most of the equipment ourselves. We are also heavily involved all around the world. We take a really proactive approach to looking after existing customers and that's definitely something that makes us quite unique.

What do you hope to get out of ACHEMA?

We’re launching this new remote and smart monitoring technology. For us, it's been a good platform to launch that. Additionally, we’re bringing more awareness to the marketplace and more importantly get feedback from customers, understanding what their needs are around that technology.

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Zoe Peterkin

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