Tradeshow Talks with ITT Bournemann at ACHEMA 2018

Tradeshow Talks with ITT
Hall 8.0 Booth E63

Tell us about the company and why you are attending ACHEMA 2018.

We have three products at ACHEMA this year. One is the goose pump, which is a centrifugal pump that we use in a lot in industry. The second one is a twin scoop pump, which is another pumping technology, that is used in oil and gas, in food, and pharmaceuticals. And then we have the third business, which is the valves business, and that's what we are presenting at this booth.

What we have been doing, besides selling pumps that are meant for different oil and gas, mining, chemicals market, is developing and selling monitoring solutions. If a pump runs into problems and you don't monitor it, it will break down.

We provide a Pump Smart that monitors and controls the pump so that if the water or fluid is not flowing, the Pump Smart recognizes it, then immediately, it stops. That keeps your pump from burning. It also monitors the pump for vibrations and temperature.

How does Pump Smart work?

It uses Bluetooth technology, and has a battery life that collects data and directs it to an app, which syncs with your phone.

From there, you can actually upload the information onto web portal to detect and diagnose any issues. For example, sometimes you will see spikes, which is not a good sign. You want to collect data so you have a baseline, and can observe spikes when they occur, over time.

Remotely monitoring the pump means you’re not there when there's temperature spike or when the vibration is bad. With this historical data, you can then try to find out what is happening to your pump.

We don't just use it for the pump, we also use it for different equipment like a fan or a compressor. So, this is what we're showing today.

Is this a stand-alone product or can it be integrated into other systems?

Right now, it's a stand-alone product, but we're working with some of our customers who are trying to get it imported into their system. The benefit of this is because our product is self-standing, and very cost efficient, people can just buy it and install it. We do understand that some customers don’t want two systems, however, so we’re working to merge our system with others.

How long has Pump Smart been out for?

We launched the product in 2015, then the app followed later on in the year. This year, we've been continuously trying to improve the firmware to make sure that users get more information from the system itself.

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