Tradeshow Talks with Santec USA Corporation - SEMICON West 2018

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SEMICON West is a world forum for photonics. In this interview AZoM talks to Santec USA Corporation about what products they have on display and what you can expect from them at SEMICON West 2018.

Can you tell us a bit about the company and why you have come to SEMICON West 2018?

The company is called Santec, we are a Japanese company, and this year we are displaying is our SS-OCT, or our swept-source optical coherence tomography setup. It is a pretty versatile technology. It can be used with medical applications as well as industrial applications, and one of the main reasons we are here this year is for the industrial side of the show, and to try to identify technology that might benefit from the SS-OCT technology.

It is a near-infrared system that is a non-invasive and takes non-invasive images. You can use it for quality control, for finding air gaps and imperfections in your products on the assembly line, or you can use it for silicone wafer polishing, or for thickness measurements.

Could you tell me a bit more about the benefits of this product and why it is different from anything else on the market?

Benefits of the system itself is that it is non-invasive, so it can image, depending on the material, into the image without harming the exterior of it. Another benefit would be that it has a higher resolution, down to 10 microns, so you can get a nice fine image as well. It has got a nice balance of higher resolution and non-invasiveness.

What industries would really see the benefits of your product, and why?

Customers that are involved with silicone wafer polishing and production. People interested in silicone wafers would greatly benefit from this technology.

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