Tradeshow Talks with ANSYS at SEMICON West 2018

Tradeshow Talks with ANSYSBooth 5368

Could you tell us about ANSYS and why you're at SEMICON West this year?

ANSYS is a simulation software company. We simulate physics from all fields. If you think of physics, we can probably simulate it. ANSYS is a tool that enables engineers to avoid prototyping, to streamline production, to cut costs when developing a new product.

We’ve come to SEMICON West to network, to introduce the products, to meet some of our customers who are here as well.

Can you tell me about the benefits your software will have for engineers?

ANSYS is a premium tool in the simulation markets. Testing cost is a big issue in these huge companies for example, car companies.

How much does it cost to do a crash test? You're losing an entire vehicle; you're losing a crash test dummy that has tons of sensors on it, not to mention you're using personnel and time associated with those things.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent during these tests. You can do that entire analysis in our software for as many iterations as you want, which ultimately diminishes time, which is cost, actual physical parts and manufacturing costs and the personnel demanded.

You need more than one person to run that crash test. You do not need more than one person to run a crash test in a simulation.

Can you tell me about any other industries that would really benefit from your software?

Anybody who is designing anything, anybody who's making something new, making something better can benefit from our software. Anywhere that you have to test a product, you should come to us, test it in our software first, and then do your physical testing.

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