Applications of Laser Systems in Defense Technology

The security and defense market is primarily concerned with protecting the people who protect us. This market features highly specialized applications including explosives detection, directed infrared countermeasures, combat identification, precision targeting/marking, pre-shot detection and free-space communications.

DRS Daylight Solutions has adapted its core technologies into highly modular, open system product architectures which can accommodate the quick fielding of new capabilities in defense technology.

Aircraft Survivability

Directional infrared countermeasure systems can provide aircraft vital protection from heat-seeking missiles. DRS Daylight Solutions is a leading supplier of lightweight, high-power, reliable multi-wavelength laser systems that are developed from quantum cascade laser technology.

In fact, the company’s QCL laser technology has quickly become an industry-leader and standard for size, power consumption and weight. Additionally, their modular, open architecture designs are able to offer a clear pathway for basic upgrades that enable the DIRCM system to quickly adopt new capabilities and address evolving threats.

Combat Identification

Efficient combat identification methods help reduce friendly fire incidents involving allied forces. DRS Daylight Solutions’ team have been able to leverage their QCL technology into compact, portable and battery-operated packages that provide an easily identifiable signature for tactical mid-wave infrared and long-wave infrared imaging systems.

These multi-spectral beacons can be used on land-based or sea-based vehicles and personnel in order to offer essential situational awareness, thus helping avoid unwanted casualties.

Standoff Detection

Use of non-destructive techniques for the detection and identification of explosive materials and residues is imperative in any modern battlefield. Additionally, in densely populated areas such as mass transit stations, border crossings, airports and seaports, explosive detection systems are of vital importance.

Mid-infrared technologies such as the Spero® infrared microscope and the ChemDetect™ Analyzer can provide non-invasive, real-time detection of explosives and residues in almost any environment.

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