Adding Strength and Flexibility to Catheters with PTFE

The StreamLiner™ series of extruded tubing from Zeus can be used to produce the thinnest PTFE catheters available.

The Sub-Lite-Wall® StreamLiner™ series represents the most advanced PTFE catheter liners yet. The series includes a large range of minimal ID/OD and thin wall liners which use novel components to deliver the robustness and flexibility that advanced catheters require.

PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall® StreamLiner™ XT and VT

The StreamLiner™ series includes the most sought-after catheter sizes including microcatheters. The PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall® technology allows clinicians and medical engineers to develop new methods of delivery with the aim of enhancing patient care.

StreamLiner™ XT provides a max wall thickness of 0.01905 mm (0.00075″) and an ID range between 0.330 – 1.016 mm (0.013″ – 0.040″) for etched catheters and between 0.102 – 1.016 mm (0.004″ – 0.040″) for unetched catheters.

The StreamLiner™ XT is a thin-walled liner and is expected to become a standard component for the construction of microcatheters with application in advanced therapies with reduced invasion.

The StreamLiner™ VT is greater in size, proving a max wall thickness of 0.025 mm (0.001″) and an ID range of 0.102 – 3.048 mm  (0.004″ – 0.120″).

For larger and more common sizes, StreamLiner™ VT fills this demand and provides clinicians with a new standard of strength and flexibility for catheter-based therapies.


Improving Catheter Design

Catheters and catheter-based devices produced using the StreamLiner™ series of PTFE liners have a smaller profile than conventional catheters, facilitating a greater lumen potential.

The thin walls of the liners allow the size of the lumen to be increased; meaning less force is required to implement intra-lumen treatments. In addition, the robust design means the catheter is easier to push and retract without risk of breakage.

When considering microcatheters, the smaller StreamLiner™ XT allows clinicians to gain access into regions of complex vascular structure and other complicated, tortuous regions.  

Building a Microcatheter with StreamLiner™ XT

Improving Patient Outcomes with Quality Design

Zeus has more than 50 years of experience in novel and advanced polymer extrusion, allowing them to consistently develop industry-leading solutions.

The new StreamLiner™ range for catheters will allow novel catheter designs to be implemented which will help improve the quality of catheter treatments, reduce patient discomfort and lead to greater clinical outcomes.

Quality is a key characteristic of the polymer systems that ZEUS manufactures. They use ISO manufacturing standards to develop all of their products meaning that StreamLiner™ PTFE liners deliver high performance, whilst also being reliable and safe.

Samples of the StreamLiner™ Series

Zeus can provide interested parties with samples of the StreamLiner™ for prototype development via Virtual Sample Locker. Following ordering the samples are delivered within 3 business days.


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