The Use of Microsilica in Construction Projects with Elkem

Tradeshow Talk with Elkem

Could You Tell Us About Your Company and Why You are Exhibiting at the London Build Expo?

We are Elkem and we are a Norwegian company with Chinese owners. We produce microsilica for European construction projects.

The Crossrail project in London extensively used our microsilica in spread concrete during construction. In this instance the microsilica was used in some of the elevator shafts, some of the escalators, parts of the transfer areas, and more.

Our microsilica is also being used on the Thames Tideway project in London. In this instance our product was also used for shafts, and similar applications, and for tunneling alongside the Thames. Our products are also being used for the Shell building project on the Southbank, which used microwhite – a form of pure white microsilica. We are one of the few companies in the world who can provide pure white silica for construction purposes.

We also provide products for the precast market, meaning that all of our products can be purchased in either a precast form, a ready-mix concrete form, or as straight concrete. By offering all of these different forms to our customers we are providing them the flexibility to operate how they would like to.

What Makes Your Company Unique?

Many manufacturers don’t know how to produce microsilica correctly – they can produce the silica but it is not of the quality required. We know how to correctly run a silica plant.

We are great at collecting and filtering the silica dust produced during our production process, then grading it in terms of purity. We’re very proud that our silica fits to ISO and European standards, while many of our competitors don’t.

We supply a quality product, rather than just a commodity.


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