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Supplier Data - Sapphire Single Crystal (Alumina 99.9%) - (Goodfellow)


This is synthetically produced Sapphire. Single Crystal Sapphire has a high thermal conductivity, volume resistivity, hardness and wear resistance, as well as a high upper use temperature.

The energy band gap is large (10eV). Single Crystal Sapphire is a transparent material having useful transmission of wavelengths in the range 0.2 to 5.5 microns.

It is much stronger than glass and can be used as viewing windows in high pressure and vacuum applications.

Key Properties

The key properties of Single Crystal Sapphire are tabulated below.

Table 1. Key properties

Physical Properties
Apparent Porosity 0%
Density 3.985
Refractive Index 1.71-1.79
Useful Optical Transmission Range 200-5500 nm
Water Absorption – Saturation 0%
Electrical Properties
Dielectric Constant 7.5-11.5
Dielectric Strength 15-50
Volume Resistivity at 25 °C >1014
Thermal Properties
Melting Point 2050 °C
Specific Heat at 25 °C 750
Thermal Conductivity at 20 °C 35-40 W.m-1.K-1
Thermal Expansion, 20-1000 °C 5.8x10-6 K-1
Upper Continuous Use Temperature 1800-1950 °C
Mechanical Properties
Compressive Strength 2100 MPa
Hardness – Knoop 2000
Hardness – Vickers 1600-1800
Tensile Modulus 350-390 GPa
Chemical Resistance
Acids – Concentrated Good
Acids – Dilute Good
Alkalis Good
Halogens Good
Metals Good

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