Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) – Properties and Applications of Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber


HNBR is widely known for its physical strength and retention of properties after long-term exposure to heat, oil, and chemicals. Depending on filler selection and loading, HNBR compounds typically have tensile strengths of 20 - 31 MPa when measured at 23°C.

Compounding techniques allow for HNBR to be used over a broad temperature range, -40° to 165°C, with minimal degradation over long periods of time. For low-temperature performance, low ACN grades should be used; high-temperature performance can be obtained by using highly saturated HNBR grades with white fillers. As a group, HNBR elastomers have excellent resistance to common automotive fluids (e.g., engine oil, coolant, fuel, etc.) and many industrial chemicals. Like NBR, fluid and chemical resistance improves as the ACN content is increased.


The unique properties attributed to HNBR have resulted in wide adoption of HNBR in automotive, industrial, and assorted, performance-demanding applications. On a volume basis, the automotive market is the largest consumer, using HNBR for a host of dynamic and static seals, hoses, and belts. HNBR has also been widely employed in industrial sealing for oil field exploration and processing, as well as rolls for steel and paper mills.

Common uses of HNBR include:




A/C Seals and hoses

Blow-out preventors

High performance shoe soles

Engine seals, grommets and gaskets

Chevron seals

Fuel system seals and hoses

Heat exchanger gaskets

Serpentine (multi-V) belts

Oil field packers

Suspension seals

Paper mill rolls

Synchronous (timing) belts

Rotary shaft seals

Transmission system bonded piston seals

Steel mill rolls

Source: International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers.

For more information on this source please visit International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers.

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