Automated Milling of Micro-Compression Pillar Arrays

Measuring mechanical properties of thin coatings requires measurements of samples with similar dimensions as the thickness of the coating - typically a few microns.

A Focused Ion Beam (FIB) is used for site-specific sample preparation e.g., pillars for micro-compression testing. In order to get statistically significant results a large number of pillars with the same dimensions need to be tested. Preparing such an array of identical pillars requires the instrument to have a high degree of stability to ensure maximum repeatability throughout the automated milling process.

5 x 5 array of micro-compression pillars prepared in less than 3 hours

5 x 5 array of micro-compression pillars prepared in less than 3 hours

The new TESCAN S8000G FIB-SEM system is equipped with the high-performance Orage™ Ga FIB column that can achieve ion beam currents up to 100 nA for rapid milling. This makes for automated high-throughput sample preparation using a combination of high beam currents and an optimized beam profile.

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Founded in 1991 by a group of managers and engineers from Tesla with its electron microscopy history starting in the 1950’s, today TESCAN is a globally renowned supplier of Focused Ion Beam workstations, Scanning Electron Microscopes and Optical Microscopes.  TESCAN’s innovative solutions and collaborative nature with its customers have won it a leading position in the world of nano- and microtechnology.  The company is proud to participate in premier research projects with prominent institutions across a range of scientific fields.  TESCAN provides its clients with leading-class products in terms of value, quality and reliability.  TESCAN USA Inc. is the North American arm of TESCAN ORSAY HOLDINGS, a multinational company established by the merger of Czech company TESCAN, a leading global supplier of SEMs and Focused Ion Beam workstations, and the French company ORSAY PHYSICS, a world leader in customized Focused Ion Beam and Electron Beam technology.

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