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Supplier Data - Vitreous Carbon (Goodfellow)

Vitreous or Glassy carbon is a form of pure carbon produced by the thermal decomposition of a three-dimensionally crosslinked polymer. It has a high flexural strength. The zero open porosity gives a low permeability to gases. Vitreous or Glassy carbon has excellent resistance to a wide range of aggressive chemical environments and can, therefore, be used as an alternative material to precious metals for laboratory equipment and, for example, for electrodes in polarography.

Key Properties

The key properties of Vitreous or Glassy carbon are tabulated below.

Property Value
Density ( 1.4
Flexural strength MPa 260
Resistivity µ 400
Thermal Conductivity W.m-1.K-1 6.3
Thermal Expansion Co-Efficient x10-6 K-1 2.6

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