Emulsion Styrene Butadiene Rubber (E-SBR) - Types of Emulsion Styrene Butadiene Rubber

Emulsion polymerised styrene- butadiene rubber (E- SBR) is one of the most widely used polymers in the world today. Emulsion polymerised styrene- butadiene rubber is employed in many demanding applications, which enhance the quality of life and contribute significantly to our economy and standards of living.

Types of Emulsion Polymerised Styrene- Butadiene

There is a large variety of emulsion polymerised styrene- butadiene types based on the styrene content, polymerisation temperature, staining or non- staining antioxidants, oil and carbon black content. Each of these basic classifications include a variety of styrene- butadiene polymer variations with respect to Mooney viscosities, coagulation types, emulsifier type, oil levels, and carbon black types and levels. Table 1 shows the basic groups of emulsion polymerised styrene- butadiene.

Numbering System for Emulsion Polymerised Styrene- Butadiene Materials

Table 1. Numbering System for emulsion polymerised styrene- butadiene materials.




Hot polymerised polymers


Non- extended cold polymerised polymers


Non- oil- extended cold carbon black masterbatches


Cold oil- extended polymers


Cold oil- extended carbon black masterbaches


Miscellaneous high styrene resin masterbatches

Source: International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers.

For more information on this source please visit International Institute of Synthetic Rubber Producers.

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