Using NMR Research for Research and Development

NMR has been labeled as a critical component of the research program of a carmaker’s advanced R&D center despite having no NMR on-site nor budget for a superconducting NMR, cryogens, and maintenance. They paid to analyze their samples at a regional university’s high-field NMR lab (primarily 700 MHz) as their facilities were not suitable for a high-field instrument.

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The researchers often waited weeks for data and would wait until they had many samples to make the trip worth their effort because the university’s facility was often booked and travel time was significant. Subsequently, the R&D center required an in-house NMR spectrometer capable of delivering multinuclear data fast.


Anasazi Instruments, makers of cryogen-free, permanent magnet NMR spectrometers since 1995, was an answer to the carmaker’s problem. Anasazi created powerful high-end instruments that satisfy the intensive needs of industrial researchers yet is safe enough to operate in corporate laboratories.

With its rugged design allowing varied installation environments, the Eft-90 spectrometer by Anasazi is the highest field permanent magnet NMR available. The Anasazi Eft-90 spectrometer was the right option to bring an NMR spectrometer in-house due to magnetic field stability, superior resolution, and advanced low-noise digital design. R&D staff are now able to perform NMR experiments on a variety of nuclei, including 1H, 7Li, 10B, 11B, 13C, 19F, 23Na, and 31P, because of the useful multinuclear option.


Anasazi’s main priority is ensuring that every NMR spectrometer is of the best quality, providing R&D technicians with invaluable access to a safe instrument. The company now conducts research confidently without waiting for data, increasing costs and the need for cryogens.

Acquiring an Eft-90 has reduced dependence on the rented high-field instrument by 90%. Anasazi also promises customers an instrument service and such commitment guarantees the Eft-90’s longevity and keeps costs low.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Anasazi Instruments, Inc.

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