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The Industry's First Multiple Power Source Battery for Emergency Power Usage

As technology moves further from traditional energy methods, with the increasing emergence of green energy solutions and products such as electric cars, individuals are being given more freedom in ways of powering their homes. Ecoflow has taken advantage of these advancements, creating a revolutionary alternative to gas backup generators and the fastest charging portable home battery ever made: the Ecoflow DELTA pro. 

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The Ecoflow DELTA Pro

The Ecoflow DELTA pro is a portable home battery that powers high-wattage home appliances, acts as a backup generator, lowers electricity bills, and charges electric cars. The battery is a revolutionary advancement in portable batteries, being both the world's fastest charging power station and the first battery capable of being charged using multiple different power sources such as solar, wind, and EV chargers.

A single Ecoflow DELTA unit has a capacity of 3.6 kWh, capable of powering most household appliances. Other units and ecosystem products can also be connected to expand its capacity up to 25 kWh.

One of the most notable innovations of the battery is its charging: both its multiple methods of charging and its exceptionally fast charging time. The Ecoflow DELTA can be fully charged in 1.8 hours (if EV charging is used) to 2.7 hours (if charged using a wall outlet at home).

In addition to being the fastest charging battery on the market, the DELTA pro unit has also been engineered to optimize its longevity. The battery has around 6500+ cycles of charging and discharging (equating to years’ worth of usage) to reach 50% of its original capacity. The unit also has a real-time monitoring system, analyzing and regulating the temperature, voltage, and current of the battery.

Though its charging speed alone is revolutionary enough, the Ecoflow company has expanded on its innovations with the Ecoflow DELTA pro’s FlowCharge technology, allowing the battery to be charged using multiple different sources, including renewable energy sources.

With FlowCharge, the Ecoflow DELTA pro can be charged using wall outlets, EV chargers (to charge the battery while traveling), solar, wind, and more. The versatility of this technology means that the battery can be charged in any situation, both at home and when traveling.

With FlowCharge in mind, Ecoflow has also designed a solar power configuration, the Solar Tracker. This piece of equipment, available to some backers, has been designed to follow the sun’s trajectory as it moves throughout the day. This maximizes the amount of solar energy the panels can collect, optimizing its efficiency and ensuring a faster charge time for the connected DELTA pro battery.

Unveiling DELTA Pro: The Revolutionary EcoFlow Power Solution

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Applications for the World’s Fastest Charging Home Battery

The versatility of this product is not only in its FlowCharge technology but also in its practicality and uses. It can be used for a wide variety of uses, from an easy way to power outdoor appliances to acting as a backup generator for entire homes in cases of emergency.

A Backup Power Generator

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At full charge, the Delta pro can supply a week’s worth of emergency power usage for an entire family. This application of the battery is improved even further when used in conjunction with Ecoflow’s other product, the Smart Home Panel.

The panel effectively acts as a T-junction between the house, city grid power supply, and DELTA pro. If a city blackout ever occurs, the Smart Home Panel immediately redirects to the DELTA pro, meaning the supply of power to the home is uninterrupted.

As an emergency backup generator, the DELTA pro is more cost and energy-effective than a traditional gas generator, with better fuel efficiency. This, compared with the fact that the DELTA pro can be charged extremely quickly using solar power alone, means that the battery is a much greener, cheaper, and effective alternative.

Even outside of emergencies, the DELTA pro reduces a home’s dependence on the city grid. If used with the Smart Home Panel, the battery can be used as a substitute for the city grid during peak consumption times, significantly lowering the cost of utility bills.

A Portable Power Supply

The DELTA pro can be used to power various appliances alone. This is most beneficial for equipment that is more difficult to connect to the city grid, such as outdoor appliances or tools in a hobbyist’s workshop. Ecoflow states that the battery is capable of powering tools such as circular saws, drills, and welding machines for 1-2 hours. Outdoor tools such as pressure washers will also benefit from the battery’s portability. 

A New Way to Charge Electric Vehicles

The DELTA pro can be used to charge electric vehicles. This is beneficial as the battery can be charged at EV charging stations when on a road trip. Ecoflow states that the battery can charge a Tesla in 40 minutes, giving the car an additional 3-5 miles of range.  

This project has already received well above its goal on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, with over $7 million dollars pledged of its $100,000 goal. This remarkably large positive response from consumers both signifies the future success of the EcoFlow and allows the company to improve its project with stretch goals.

Powering TESLA with DELTA

Video Credit: EcoFlow/YouTube.com

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