Momentum Turf - The Closest Thing to Natural Grass

Momentum Turf is the latest innovation in synthetic grass. It has come a long way from Astroturf, the synthetic grass that was popular during the 70s and 80s, that was infamous for inducing carpet burns.

This new product is claimed to not only look like grass, but also feel like grass, it only lacks the smell. Other advantages include no need to mow it and no allergies for those people who may be prone to hay fever.

Momentum consists of 2.5” long polyethylene pile woven into a multilayered backing material. It comes standard in field green but is also available in colours such as olive green, while, red, black, blue and yellow.

The synthetic turf can be laid over a concrete or asphalt base, or alternatively over a compacted aggregate base. An optional under layer can be used to provide shock attenuation properties. The interlayer is made from ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber which can be poured in place or precast (in sheets or rolls). The thickness of the interlayer will depend on the amount of shock absorption required.

The Momentum Turf is then laid over the base layers. It is then filled with a mixture of granulated rubber (70%) and kiln dried sand (30%) such that only 5/8” of the turf tips are protruding.

While watering and mowing are now a thing of the past, the surface does requite a weekly grooming. Line painting is also redundant as lines and markings are permanently in laid into the surface

The surface is said to be safer and more consistent then natural grass, but offers the traction and bounce of a grass field.


Posted August 2003



  1. Richie jen Richie jen India says:

    Watering is the most crucial part to the successful establishment of your new lawn. Water MUST be applied immediately after being laid until the soil is wet and slightly soft. By changing your mower setting and keep your grass slightly higher at around ¾ of the blade height. This will ensure your grass roots have plenty of cover from the summer sun and also more surface area for the blades of grass to photosynthesise, resulting in deeper, stronger root systems.

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