Reva Medical to Evaluate Polycarbonate Material for Use in Bioresorbable Cardiovascular Stents

REVA Medical have entered into an agreement to evaluate Integra Lifescience’s tyrosine-derived polycarbonate biomaterials in the manufacture of REVA’s bioresorbable cardiovascular stents.

REVa already possess a proprietary “slide and lock” stent design which they intend to use to develop a temporary stent. The advantage of a temporary stent is that it won’t remain as an impediment to treatment after patency has been restored to the stented site.

REVA have negotiated exclusive rights to evaluate the tyrosine-derived polycarbonate biomaterial for a one year period. Should testing be successful, REVA would be able to negotiate an exclusive agreement for Integra’s polycarbonate material for cardiovascular applications.

Integra would also have the right to negotiate exclusive rights to REVA’s bioresorbable technology for use in intercranial stents, as well as co-exclusive rights with REVA for carotid stents. There are currently no approved stents for intercranial or carotid applications in the United States.


Posted August 2003


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