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Measuring Progress: World Metrology Day on AZoM

Metrology forms the backbone of many industries and research endeavors alike and is rapidly expanding its capabilities as we progress through the digital era. This World Metrology Day, AZoM is looking back at some of its recent articles on measurement and metrological advancements, from new IoT partnerships to sector-specific reviews. 

Metrology in the Digital Era

A digitized validation system has been developed by researchers that connects quantitative assessment quality attributes from metrology to IoT data and allows effective testing and equipment calibration methods. The system is based on two unique metrology strategies: 

Standardization bodies are attempting to develop machine-readable, intelligent specifications. In the future, this will allow robots to interpret standardized data without the need for user intervention. When metrological solutions are based on regulations, this opens up new opportunities.

How are Micrometers Used to Measure Surface Metrology?

The use of micrometers for precision measurements and metrology can be traced back almost 100 years. This article looks at the use of micrometers, their types, and the latest research advances.

Micrometers can provide a higher amount of precision and accuracy than calipers. Additionally, task-specific micrometers are available which can be used, such as inside micrometers that are used for measuring the internal diameters and thickness of cylinders and rods. The most common type of micrometer, an outside micrometer, offers highly precise outside measurements for different shaped bodies.

What are Profile Roughness Parameters?

This article focuses on profile roughness parameters and their significance in characterizing the surface morphology of machined materials.

What is Coordinate Metrology?

Coordinate metrology is used by designers, engineers, and manufacturers to accurately gauge the characteristics of mechanical components. Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) can make comparisons of components along a manufacturing line or even forecast whether a proposed system is fit for purpose by modeling coordinates onto a specified workpiece.

What is Metrology, and Why is it Important?

Video Credit: SCE Huddersfield

How to Assemble an Atomic Force Microscope

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is an effective technique for evaluating microscopic surface topography and material parameters of any specimen. AFM microscopes are available in different sizes and modes of operation, each with its advantages and limitations.

Improving Electric Vehicle Gears Processing with Metrology

Automotive manufacturers are aware that the views of consumers are quickly shifting towards an acceptance of greener transportation. This is driving newer or improved processes in the manufacturing of electric vehicles (EVs).

Precision metrology has the capacity to ensure that the production process of gear manufacture is optimized. The high value of processed gears suggests a preference for non-contact measuring technologies. 

Using Metrology in the Aerospace Sector

Mission-critical products and components manufactured for the aerospace sector require precision and reliability during fabrication in order to ensure success. This means an onus is placed on metrology tools to function properly, feeding back accurate, correct measurement results at the first time of asking.


You can read more on World Metrology Day here: https://www.worldmetrologyday.org/


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