Composite Nanotube Fibres Spun with Record Strength and Toughness - News Item

Researchers at the University of Texas at Dallas and Ireland’s Trinity College have reported that they have spun carbon nanotube composite fibres that are tougher then any other man-made or natural polymer fibre.

The tough composite fibres were produced using a new continuous spinning process.

The authors of the paper that describes the material and process claim that their fibres have a toughness 17 times that of Kevlar and 4 times that for spiders silk. Compared to steel fibres, they are twice as stiff and strong, while being 20 times tougher.

Potential applications of the composite fibres include:

•        Energy storing electronic textiles, which can be used to power electronic devices

•        Bullet-proof vests

•        Synthetic muscles

         Distributed fibre sensors


Posted June 11th, 2003


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