Colour Changing Electrochromic False Nails

Carlos Gonzalez from the Department of New Materials at CIDETEC has developed a cosmetic item called ‘electrochromic false nails’.

The electrochromic false nails can be applied over existing nails and can be made to change colour in situ using a purpose built digital control device.

The false nails are made up of several layers. Sandwiched between the layers are transparent conducting oxides, a number of electrochromic polymers of different compositions to effect various colours, ion storing polymers to maintain the colours, as well as an electrolyte which enables ionic interchange between the different polymers.

The control device has image capturing capabilities, which enable it to reproduce the colour of any given surface. It also has a screen for displaying selections before application and electrodes for interfacing with the artificial nails and affecting the colour change.

A patent has been awarded for the technology which also has the scope to applied to any surface that can be covered.


Posted November 4th, 2003


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