Improving Vacuum Pump Seals

Technetics Group collaborates with vacuum and abatement experts who are industry leaders in semiconductor manufacturing to develop efficient solutions that set new standards.

In the semiconductor industry, vacuum pumps play a vital role in limiting impurities in the processing chamber, thereby enabling greater process efficiency. However, this technology has far-reaching implications if it does not work correctly. 

One such vacuum pump manufacturer approached Technetics Group for a casing seal solution for its semiconductor vacuum pump. The seal was necessary to prevent air leakage into the vacuum chamber.

The manufacturer’s vacuum pump was already high-performing, thanks to its unique rotor and stator that provides superior vacuum performance. Its intelligent design also reduces noise levels, minimizing operator fatigue. Additionally, the all-metal construction ensures long-lasting and reliable operation.

Despite these features, the manufacturer required a sealing solution that could meet the lower leak rate of 10-6 mbar.l/second and was still high-performing, efficient, reliable, and durable, even at a vacuum casing temperature of 200 °C.

Technetics’ HELICOFLEX® Seal Successfully Reduces Leakage

By collaborating with the client’s UK Engineering team, Technetics Group successfully designed the sealing system for the semiconductor vacuum pump. As a result of the partnership, the Technetics seal was incorporated into the manufacturing process in Korea.

This affiliation felt natural because of the trust already established between the two companies.

Improving Vacuum Pump Seals

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Technetics HELICOFLEX® Seal Successfully Limits Impurities in Semiconductor Vacuum Pump 

Using the Technetics HELICOFLEX® solution, the client’s pump is able to maintain a consistent vacuum pressure, preventing catastrophic environmental contamination in the chamber. The seal also reduces wear and tear on the vacuum pump components, thus extending the pump’s life.

Having experienced the efficiency and reliability of Technetics’ seals through the prototype order, the client is now eagerly receiving regular manufacturing shipments. The patented design of the HELICOFLEX® seal provides the utmost consistency in bulk orders.

In terms of the long lifetime value of vacuum sealing, Technetics sets the industry standard. Its metal seals are innovative, durable, and long-lasting, surpassing the average rubber o-ring.

Improving Vacuum Pump Seals

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