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Sialon® is a solid solution of Silicon Nitride with Aluminium Oxide and Aluminium Nitride. It exhibits high strength at high temperatures, is hard, tough and wear resistant. It is chemically inert and thermal shock resistant. These properties all make Sialon® ideal for foundry use, including use as containers for molten metals.

Sialon® is non-wetting for most non-ferrous metals up to 1000 °C. It has found use as thermocouple sheaths and the high wear resistance lends itself to components such as extrusion tools drawing dies and plugs.

The surface finish of Sialon® after firing may be improved by diamond grinding.

Key Properties

The key properties of Sialon are tabulated below.

Table 1. Key properties

Chemical Resistance
Acids - concentrated Good
Acids - dilute Good
Alkalis Fair
Electrical Properties
Volume resistivity ( ) 1012-1017 @ 25 °C
Mechanical Properties
Compressive strength ( MPa ) >3500
Hardness - Vickers ( ) 1650-1800
Tensile modulus ( GPa ) 280-300
Tensile strength ( MPa ) 400-450
Physical Properties
Apparent porosity ( % ) 0.01
Density ( ) 3.24
Thermal Properties
Coefficient of thermal expansion ( x10-6 K-1 ) 3.3-3.7 @ 20-1000 °C
Specific heat ( ) 620-710 @ 25 °C
Thermal conductivity ( W.m-1.K-1 ) 20 @ 20 °C
Upper continuous use temperature (°C ) 1000

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