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Stainless steels are iron based alloys containing at least 10.5% Chromium. They achieve their stainless characteristics through the formation of an invisible and adherent Chromium rich oxide film. 15-7PH is a Stainless steel alloy which can be precipitation hardened by heat treatment to form a martensitic phase.

Key Properties

The key properties of Stainless Steel - 15-7PH Fe/Cr15/Ni 7/Mo 2.25 are tabulated below.

Table 1. Key properties

Electrical Properties

Electrical resistivity ( µ )


Mechanical Properties

Elongation at break ( % )


Tensile strength ( MPa )


Physical Properties

Density ( )


Thermal Properties

Coefficient of thermal expansion ( x10-6 K-1 )

14.4 @ 20-90°C

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