Hafnium Diboride ( HfB2 ) - Properties and Applications

The chemical formula for Hafnium Diboride (also known as hafnium boride) is HfB2.

The oxidation resistance of hafnium diboride is dependent on the temperature and pressure. At a temperature 1500 °C and 1 atm of pressure, a protective oxide scale of hafnia forms. When temperatures rise above 1600 °C and pressures drop below 1 atm, the oxidation resistance of HfB2 is dramatically reduced. Under these conditions the boiling temperature of B2O3 (one of the oxidation products of HfB2) is exceeded and the protective oxide layer.

Key Properties

Property Value
Density ( g.cm-3 ) 11.1
Melting Point ( °C ) 3250


Hafnium diboride is used in wear resistant coatings. It’s use has also been looked at for use in ultra high temperature composites in conjunction with silicon carbide (SiC), due to its excellent refractoriness. The addition of silicon carbide improves its oxidations resistance.

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